World of Xophe

Where Every Day is Xmas


I created the World of Xophe as a place to share some of my many interests, showcase my growing protfolio of apps, and do my part to make the web a fun place to be.

As for me, this here's the bare bones. For the full poetic scoop, see my welcome page.

I live in New York (City), a full-stack web developer (leaning toward the front-end) by trade. I'm currently working on my first novel, The Three of Swords -- a story told by a self-made young man of rare talents, who lives on the periphery of the world of the "Unchained" -- a secretive worldwide society of elitist, power-hungry magicians -- and who carries a terrible burden.

As a writer, I'm prone to all-night writing binges (I happen to be on one now), insatiable curiosity, a passion for creating virtual places, and sweating the details...all proclivities which have also served me well for my (currently) chosen trade.