Diabetic Guy

An hour ago, I saw this guy outside my window on the sidewalk, doubled over on his knees and grasping the railing. Folks were walking by assuming he was high or drunk, but living on this street I've seen my share of high and drunk, and something told me this guy wasn't either. My first thoughts were "diabetes, or heat exhaution". After I went out to help him, it turned out the answer was both. 

Nice guy. He was out shopping to get a birthday present for his son, which he still had with him, but as he became more coherent it became apparent that someone had stolen his money and a number of expensive items off him, including his iPhone, his computer, and his wedding band. After he was rehydrated and had some candy to get his blood sugar back up, and I was satisfied he was okay, I got him a cab to where he was going and spotted him the cost of the ride. What a day for him. Hope it gets a whole lot better. As for thief...

I believe the "spiritually correct" phrase is to "lovingly release him/her to learn his/her own life lessons", or something along those lines. And If the universe were to decide that one of those lessons will be to get hit by a car, spend several agonizing months in a hospital wishing he/she were dead, and eventually go bankrupt from all of the medical bills, it wouldn't be my place to disapprove.



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